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Lien Chieh was founded in 1947 in Taiwan. In 1982 Lien Chieh Hydraulic Industrial Co., Ltd. (LCH) was established based on the principles of incorporating presses with “High Performance”, “High Quality ”,” Reliability ”,” Safety ”, and “ Energy Efficiency “. With over 77 years of experience in the hydraulic power fluid, LCH offers a comprehensive range of hydraulic press products such as Hydroforming, Hot Stamping ......more



1947 Lien Chieh Casting Works was founded by Mr. C. L. Wang
1967 Renamed the company as Lien Chieh Casting Machine Co., Ltd.
Produced a series of machines for plywood such as Cold Press, Hot Press with Loader & Unloader, Table Lifter, Log Charger, etc.
1973 Produced 500~800 Ton Heavy Duty Deep Drawing Press for car industry
1976 Produced Multi-Layer Laminating Press for electronic circuit industries
1982 Established new plant named Lien Chieh Hydraulic Industrial Co., Ltd.
in Xizhi Dist., New Taipei City (Area:15000m²) ......more

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